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       I’ve been facilitating the Penn Resilience Programme as part of the UK How To Thrive team . This is a 5 day teacher training programme equipping teachers to teach year 7 pupils how to flourish mentally and emotionally.


What are the core skills?

  • Emotional intelligence – how to identify emotions in yourself and others, express them appropriately, manage and regulate them and experience more positive ones.
  • Optimistic thinking – look at what’s controllable, focus on outcomes, stay in the real world
  • Flexible and accurate thinking – how to broaden perspective.
  • Impulse control – how to develop skills to manage negative thoughts and feelings
  • Self efficacy – build confidence in your strengths and know how to use them
  • Connection and reaching out – use others appropriately

The first part of the programme enables the teachers to practice the techniques for themselves. What a privelege for me to be part of the team facilitating the many light bulb moments in a room of 60 people. It’s easy to think that we get this stuff and we all do. The key is using it and putting it into practice. In part two,  the teachers practice teaching the skills.

Resilient teachers model and teach the skills to pupils – now that’s exciting!

Resilient teachers, resilient pupils and the whole school thrives – that’s amazing!

The feedback on this programme so far which has been piloted for the last 3 years is showing what a difference we can make to young people’s mental and emotional health.

Now that’s a gift to our future generations!            


For further information on the various programmes available as part of this groundbreaking project

For an overview of the content see ‘The Resilience Factor’ by Karen Reivich, Andrew Shatte

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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