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I’ve just spent a few days with my elderly parents. My father has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. It’s been a difficult journey coming to terms with his deterioration. As I was leaving him yesterday, I got a big squeeze and a thank you!! He has no language to know my name or say much at all but there was a flash of recognition of who I am to him and that was special. I returned home to my lovely husband and family and my thoughts today take me to 2 core things.

There are some things I can’t change and my dad’s heatlh is one of them so I have to accept this and enjoy and appreciate those glimmers of a connection with him. I’m also hugely grateful and appreciative of what I have in my life and that makes me feel good.

I wonder in the midst of your life what there is to accept and appreciate now. Even in the difficult times, it’s not easy but it’s always possible to find something to accept and appreciate and when you do, it’s amazing how much more there is to see!

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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