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I works with a lot of people with a whole range of problems. Not only can they believe that change can happen a lot quicker than they think, it can be a lot more straightforward than they think. By the time we have finished working together, nothing has changed in their outside world at work or at home but they’ve changed from the inside out. Their relationship with themselves is stronger, their sense of self-worth has grown and their self belief in what’s possible hugely increases.

This doesn’t mean that life is perfect from now on but ex clients have a bag of tools to deal with whatever life throws at them – life tends to be like that! Managing the way you think and feel is a key to navigating life’s journey. Taking action when you want change is also key. Do you think that might be useful for you?
My oldest client was 89, Agnes. When I first met her she was house bound, crippled by agoraphobia and feelings of anxiety and depression. It didn’t take her long to retrain her mind to experience the world differently and step out of her front door and enjoy the world again rather than see it through her living room window. She has given herself the gift of managing the way she thinks and feels. My job has been to enable her to find this. The outside world beyond her front door is no different but her relationship to it is. She has relished in the freedom that can bring.
I don’t have a magic wand, but you do even though it might be out of sight at the moment. So I figure if you can change at 89, you can change at any age! There is always hope for us all however difficult your current problems are! Change isn’t always easy but it’s always possible because of the plasticity of the brain.

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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