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The Children’s Society have just launched a new report into the well being of children :   

This report identifies the six priorities for children’s well-being which are:

– The conditions to learn and develop
– A positive view of themselves and an identity that is respected
– Have enough of what matters
– Positive relationships with family and friends
– A safe and suitable home environment and local area
– Opportunity to take part in positive activities to thrive

Implicit in this report is the importance of you as a parent in nurturing your child’s well being.

In April, in partnership with my colleague Diane Laird, a parenting specialist with a children’s charity, we will be launching a new unique one day programme for parents to discover their parenting genius.

The parenting genius one day programme is based on the most up to date research in neuroscience and child development. It draws on techniques from mindfulness, positive psychology and cognitive hypnotherapy to bring you and your family a unique approach to parenting.

We’ve been parenting for thousands of years, we know how to do it but some of the pressures on us these days get in the way of us doing this well!

The programme will enable you to:

  • Understand the core knowledge and skills to be a parenting genius
  • Discover what your children need and how you can meet those needs easily
  • Learn simple, effective techniques to manage yourself when things get tricky

Course Content

You will have an opportunity to understand and plan how to tune into your child and respond appropriately.

We will focus on teaching you how to develop emotional resilience and create a powerful parenting partnership whether you are living together or apart.

If you are interested in fine tuning your skills as a parent, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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