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Facts about Depression

Posted by Jill Tonks in Blog

This Psyblog outlines the key elements of depression and gives some insight how to work effectively with depression on a physical, mental and emotional level. We all experience low moods from time to time but when this becomes a learnt pattern this moods can get deeper and last for longer. Simply being told to pull yourself together isn’t very helpful and prescribed drugs can be helpful but don’t get to the root cause.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping you get back in control of the way you think and feel and building your sense of self again. Most of the clients I see experience anxiety and depression but none of us were born with these habits and whatever we can learn, we can unlearn. That doesn’t mean that change is always easy, but it’s always possible.

If you’d like to free yourself from the prison cell of anxiety or depression, give me a call, it could be the best decision you ever make…

Change can be easier than you think.

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Jill Tonks, MNCH(Reg) DIP CHyp, HPD, NLP Master Prac.

Jill Tonks

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