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This blog from Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute sums up the feel good factor that the Olympics has generated in Britain.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big sport fan and yet I found myself glued to the telly watching all sorts of sport Id never watch normally!

So my question is, what happened to all the bad news during the Olympics? I have to say it was a joy to see great photos and great pictures in the news and  the bad news  relegated to the later pages.

What’s that about? Well bad news sells papers I suppose, and because we read them, we feed that supply intentionally or otherwise. I keep finding myself scouring newspaper stands looking at headlines and have the odd peak at OK and Heat magazines which are full of intrusions into other people’s lives-  I know, I need help!!

So I’ve decided to stop taking in the bad stuff because it’s easy to think that the world is a bad scary place. It is in some parts of the world, and yet there is so much good stuff right under our noses which often gets ignored. So I’ve decided to watch less news, read papers from the middle and filter all the negative stuff out or not get so bogged down by it.

You’ll be amazed at how if you make a note of three things every day that you would consider positives or gifts in your life, how very quickly you can train your attention to see the positives in life. The positive psychology bods tell us this can be more effective than Prozac!!

So go on try it, write down every night before you go to bed on a post it or in a notebook 3 things that you are grateful for or gifts that have come into your life that day. You can keep a record of these at

In life, what you see depends on what you look for. I think you’ll be surprised what you pay attention to when you refocus your attention on more positive things.

Today my 3 things are:

I have a glass roof in my kitchen and I love the light first thing in the morning.

I had an unexpected card from a good friend.

I smiled at everyone I met as I went for a walk this morning and most of them smiled back! 🙂

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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