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I spent this weekend training as a mindfulmamma practitioner with midwives, health visitors and other hypnotherapy colleagues. I was inspired! This programme brings together the best of  the approaches to natural  childbirth, mindfulness techniques and hypnotherapy. The end result is a programme that empowers women and their birth partners to take back control of one of the most instinctive, natural experiences a woman can have.

My first birth nearly 20 years ago was a bit of a disaster. I wasn’t prepared mentally or emotionally and hospital approaches were a lot more traditional then. I was left with physical complications and had post natal depression.

This programme gives women an opportunity to decide and take control of how they want labour and birth to be so the mum feels strong, the dad can be confident and guess what, the baby can be born so much calmer! All of which creates a very calm start to feeding  and the powerful journey in those early months of becoming a new parent which can make a huge difference to this powerful life changing event.

I’m really looking forward to enabling women and their partners to access what I didn’t have through imparting knowledge and skills in this programme. For further information get in touch with me or visit the website   for further information or to book a place on the next course.



Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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