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I recently bought a new ipod. I was very excited to load up my content from itunes. A strange request came up when I plugged in my new device and I said yes. All of my music was wiped away. All of those painstaking hours gone in the click of a ‘Yes’ button. I was gobsmacked, speechless! I was angry, frustrated and dreading the hours it would take to get all the music back.

As I started this process, I found myself filtering out all the stuff that I didn’t want, songs, podcasts that I’d never really listened to or liked and began searching for more things to add. De-cluttering my itunes account turned out to be a far more rewarding experience than I thought.

I often find this with clients that out of the awfulness their situation brings to them, through Cognitive Hypnotherapy, they uncover treasure, unseen aspects of themselves that come to the fore that change many aspects of their life dramatically.

I liken this to sleep walking in life. We get into habits and routines that don’t really work but they are OK.  So OK and just about OK become the fodder of our daily lives. A crisis tips this on its head and after the initial negative emotions  we can begin to see many more new possibilities.

‘It often takes a crisis to break through our usual models of the world. A crisis is a gift, an opportunity, and perhaps a manifestation that life loves us, by beckoning us to go beyond the dance we presently perform ‘ Leslie Lebeau


Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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