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A Higgs boson walks into a church. The priest says, ‘What are you doing in here?’ The Higgs boson replies, ‘You can’t have mass without me!’

‘If it wasn’t for the Higgs boson most elementary particles (like quarks – that we are made of) wouldn’t have any mass and we would just be a mish-mash of particles floating in the universe, devoid of form. You wouldn’t exist, and neither would the planet Earth or the Sun. It’s kind of why some people call it the ‘God’ particle (although most physicists don’t really like the term).’David Hamilton

If you are anything like me, even though my daughter is a physics buff, I have no idea what this Higgs Boson business is about.

What I do know is that it is at the cutting edge of science and it may open up a totally new aspects of science.

How is it that the unthinkable happens? We always believe we are right about certain things. An atom is the smallest particle and then the Higgs Boson experiment comes along to challenge this theory. The world is flat- this was a historical one of those.

So I believe it’s about taking risks, experimentation, going beyond what seems possible and trusting that new pathways can emerge. How useful could this be as a metaphor for life. Imagine the possibilities that could unfold for you  then!

Cognitive hypnotherapy can open the future you want if you are ready to explore experiment and strap yourself in for the ride!

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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