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I’m doing a lot of training at the moment on resilience and wellbeing. Everyone knows exactly what wellbeing is and can tune in quickly to what’s in place , what they need to do more of and less of. It’s quite easy to plan for that future ahead when you have a whole day to step back, reflect and make plans for change. What makes the difference is what you actually do with that thinking and planning. So often we get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and lose sight of those great insights, those plans we made on that training day.

So  it’s important to have your eye on the day-to-day stuff. What is it that gets in the way for you of continuing to strive for wellbeing? Money worries, avoiding conflict, succeeding, failing, self-doubt…? Everyone has their own particular things that hold them back.

Building resilience is tapping into that innate capacity we all have to get through things. We can be so skilled at problem solving and getting back on track after a setback. The most important thing is your ability to tune into yourself and others to notice when things aren’t working for you and to put the brakes on those negative thoughts and feelings.

It’s not having the stone in your shoe that’s the issue, it’s not doing something about it so you can get back on track until the next hurdle comes your way. The more you practice being resilient, the better you become. Over time you might just find you can take more and more hurdles in your stride.

If you think back over the last 3 months, think of 3 occasions when you’ve managed a setback and pinpoint the qualities that you already have that make you resilient. Write them down so that the next time you find something challenging, you can remind yourself of how capable you are, get the situation back in perspective and go about finding solutions. Keep adding to your list and you’ll be surprised how resilient you already are!

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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