‘More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and fails. It’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, it’s true in the boardroom.’    Harvard Business Review 2002

In a working environment, which is tough and demanding, more and more is being required from leaders and individuals within organisations. It requires a strong sense of resilience to remain focused in the face of pressing situational demands and setbacks. In addition, for many individuals, it can be challenges in their personal lives which when combined with demanding work roles that limit their ability to perform at their best.I offer the opportunity for individuals to develop the personal skills, behaviours and techniques to enable them to manage and thrive in the ever-complex working environments of today.

Drawing on up to date research from neuroscience and positive psychology, I provide individuals with an opportunity to get back in control, feel stronger and be able to manage even better than before in the face of adversity. My approach provides opportunities to reflect, interact as well as appreciate different stances and recognise that it is not so much the situations that cause the problems but how we react to them.

Typical outcomes as a consequence of this work include:

  • Greater capacity to mobilise energy as appropriate
  • A real sense of purpose and focus at an individual, team and organisation level
  • More accurate, analytical and flexible thinking from individuals
  • Greater confidence and presence at work
  • Understanding of how to create an optimal work environment
  • Clarity around what you can do to sustain and raise your own sense of wellbeing and that of others around you in the work environment
  • Awareness of what happens when under pressure and the impact of this on us and others around us
  • Individuals are challenged to face their difficulties and take action to move forward

The Process can be run flexibly: as day programmes; a modular ‘bite sized’ approach; lunch and learn sessions; or on a one to one basis. These can be offered face to face and on-line.

I have over 20 years experience of working with individuals and teams to improve performance. I have run successful workshops for the public and the private sector. Last year, I redesigned the resilience and wellbeing training for the Samaritans, facilitated team development in Kids Company, a large children’s charity and delivered a resilience workshop to the General Medical Council senior team. I also ran resilience and wellbeing programmes for senior managers in Shop Direct. Currently under design are my first resilience and wellbeing e- learning programmes.

My dynamic approach to resilience makes a difference at the interface between the personal and the professional and, together with expert facilitation skills; provides a powerful and unique learning experience for individuals wanting to manage themselves better, both in the workplace and beyond.


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