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A spelling mistake in a school boy’s essay which in may ways reflects some of the problems my clients present with!

For all the sophistication of the intellectual mind which allows us to think, speak do all the amazing things that distinguish us from apes, the older part of the brain(  the monkey brain) plays havoc with our thoughts and feelings if we allow it to.

Joseph Le Doux in his book ‘The Emotional Brain’ says ‘ emotions make you stupid’. Taking this literally when we feel agitated or stressed, the thinking brain shuts down and our hard wired fight flight response kicks in. Emotions exist to take us towards pleasure and away from pain. Negative emotions like anger and fear are intended as a call to action to protect us and deal with the perceived threat in front of us. Whether it’s a problem at work, at home, a niggle with a friend or a partner, when these emotions kick in our ability to problem solve goes out of the window! Our thinking becomes supercritical, we anticipate the worst, get anxious about the future, our sleep is affected and we can become very tired.

Clients presenting with a wide range of issues including eating problems, unwanted habits, stress, anxiety, depression to name but a few, can more easily than they think get back in control of these emotions and take back control of their lives. Understanding what is happening and then learning techniques to get back in control of the way you think and feel can make a massive impact on your life. If you are getting in your own way and want to get back in control of your life, call me for a free, half hour, no obligation consultation. Change that knackered brain into a resourceful mind!


Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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