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Manage your thoughts, manage yourself

Posted by Jill Tonks in Blog

Great book I read recently. The Enlightened Gardener by Sydney Banks.

This book outlines ‘The 3 Principles’ which I find very helpful. Essentially it’s a model of our thinking process




If you imagine the mind as a massive paint box of many colours, consciousness is the picture we create and the thought is the paintbrush we use. So if we experience negative thoughts, it creates an internal reality which in turn drives our beliefs about ourselves and our model of the world.

So if I have a thought that going to the dentist’s is a horrible, painful experience, that affects how I experience going there even before it happens. So by the time I get there, I am really apprehensive. All the se negative feelings will exacerbate the pain.

If I change that thought to ‘ going to the dentists is uncomfortable but important’, my whole expectations and experience of the visit changes.It’s still not my favorite outing, but it’s manageable!

If you don’t like the thought, change it and notice the difference in your experience.

Change can be easier than you think.

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