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My colleague Sophie Fletcher from Mindful Mamma is training midwives about hypnotherapy for childbirth and the psychology of birth. She asked several mums what’s the most important they would’ve wanted from their midwife at their births and got these replies on facebook:

“Assuming everything’s going to plan…sit back and go with the flow. Our midwife was brilliant and let us do what we needed to do – she was so relaxed by the CD and the general atmosphere that she dozed off! ”

“I asked for the room to be quiet, for me to be allowed to do what felt right, for discussions with my partner to occur elsewhere. While labouring in the pool in my front room, the 3 midwives were discussing the eastenders plot and my partner was playing on his laptop.In the end I told everyone to leave me the hell alone. Not what I would’ve wanted. Next time I’m putting my foot down more!”

‘The best thing when I was labouring with my second at home was the midwives letting me follow what my body wanted to do naturally with minimal intervention. I knew they were there if needed but was allowed to trust my own instincts.”

‘To let my partner know what non medical supports there are available eg blocks, aromatherapy, candle effect lamps, labour shapes etc. Really maximise offers of all the things that are available to support a calm and active birth. They are aware of what they have, we are less clued in.”

‘Tune into my (the birthing mom’s) intuition …. work out what I am trying to say and never ever ever argue or overpower me in any way whatsoever. If I question ANYTHING during the birth, back off in that place. A birthing mom does not have the extra capacity to stand up for her rights.”

Hypnotherapy for childbirth enables you to work in partnership with your mind and body for the best birth possible. I work with you and your partner to take control of yourselves and the environment and to leave the labour and birth to your body and mind’s innate knowledge and skill .

I run the mindful mamma express groups in the South East and also offer women and their partners one to one sessions. If you want to have a free, no obligation chat about how I can help you to have the best birth possible, get in touch.

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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