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This interesting article explains the difference between mindfulness and change based techniques. One is about training attention in the mind, the other is about changing what’s happening in the mind.

Both can achieve the same results; the skill is that the practitioner adapts their skills to what is appropriate for the client.

Cognitive hypnotherapy does just that. Sometimes training the mind to accept who we are and turning down the volume on our inner critic can be very useful sometimes. More dynamic change based techniques to help someone let go of unhelpful beliefs or negative emotions can be highly appropriate if these are getting in the way of someone living the life they want.

Trevor Silvester from the Quest Insitute says: ‘No one thing works on all people all of the time. Some things work for some people some of the time’. In this context, I don’t adopt a one size fits all approach, everyone that comes to see me is different and that requires a tailor made approach.

If you want to discuss how Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you with whatever issues are stopping you living the life you want, call for a free, half hour, no obligation consultation. I look forward to hnearing from you.


Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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