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“One of the most important functions of the mind is to transform hindsight into foresight.”

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There’s no doubt about it, we are all products of our past. However, the past has gone; it’s over and yet so many people I work with get bogged down by what they did or didn’t do. Strong emotions like guilt. shame, anger and regret can still remain with us for a long time. I work with people who carry resentment around with them like a heavy rucksack. Anger is toxic in the body. It’s like taking poison and expecting your enemy to die!

So what do we do about the stuff in the past that affects our present and makes us fast forward to a negative future? Easy; you change your relationship to it. What makes the past so vivid sometimes is the power of the mind to reverse and re experience past events so powerfully.

So what if the past was just a whole load of learning that you could use in the present and future to decide how you want things to be different? Because that’s really all the past is. It’s a bag full of experiences that make you the unique and special person you are. If you think about the future, it is a whole load of possibilities that havent happened yet. So all there is is now. The rest is just a bag of thoughts which you can choose to feed or not.

So hindsight and the learning that comes from that, can guide you towards the future you want. How cool is that?


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