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I had a big Ouch! moment when I read this. Have I passed on my old fear of spiders and flying beasts to my children, Yes I have! There was a piece in the paper recently about new research which suggests this. Nearly half of parents thought they were too open about their phobias and even if you say nothing and experience a level of fear, children have radar like stealth bombers and spot this! The most common phobias passed on are heights, spiders and flying.

The great news is though that most phobias can be shifted in one session! Phobias are miscalculations based on the brain’s desire to protect us at an unconscious level. They can develop at any age. However what you have learnt you can unlearn and the mind has tremendous flexibility to adapt and change.

Interestingly, the more phobias I have worked with, the less mine are an issue. This mirroring has worked in reverse so I can capture a large, hairy beast with 8 legs and set it free now!!

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Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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