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It’s been an unusually hectic Summer; working without childcare, juggling children and domestic life. I’ve found myself rushing far too much, feeling constantly short on time for myself and my family. My body has been slowly stiffening up reflecting the physical tension this creates for me. Last week was my half century birthday and I went with my husband to watch the opera in Verona as a special treat for us both.

Not only do I love Italians, the language and culture but to watch La Boheme in Verona, in the Roman amphitheatre was completely magical. I was totally absorbed in the performance, the music, the open air setting and it was probably the first time in the Summer break I stopped to embrace fully the moment. All my senses were occupied, the sound, the spectacular setting and the music was very moving and I was with someone very special.

It’s really made me focus on the need to pay attention to the present moment, just to enjoy being rather than constantly fast peddling fowards or backwards! That has been very good learning for me and something I know I should do more but….. life just gets in the way. My promise to myself this year is to do more of this. Enjoy being as much as doing.

In the moment, staying present, everything is OK and all those niggling worries can just melt away and I can enjoy and appreciate all the good things in my life.

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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