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I found this You Tube clip hard to watch. It just shows you how powerful mimicry, the firing off of neurological connections, is for a child as they mirror the parent. We do this all the time, as adults as well- it’s why we sympathise so much with people in distress We run a simulation of it in our own head. Powerful eh?

So if we can run simulations, why wouldn’t you use that ability positively? Take a look at 5 people you are close to. You’ll be running simulations all the time of how they behave, speak etc. Without you realising it, you are responding neurologically to what you are experiencing. If you have friends with a negative influence, you’ll be swimming in negativity, which will affect your mood and your well-being and the opposite is true.

So decide what kind of environment you want to live in and create the one you want! If you don’t like what you see around you in your friends or family, change your response to it or develop some new friendships.

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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