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What is Mental Strength?

Posted by Jill Tonks in Blog

Mental toughness includes the following 13 qualities according to Forbes magazine. Based on the conclusions of a social worker, how much sense does this list make to you?

We all have them and they are the lifeblood of resilience. There is nothing new here so what’s stopping you from being mentally strong?

Simple answer – you are – you are getting in your own way. The sailor didn’t learn his craft on calm seas so get on with shaping and creating the life you want. It’s not always easy, but it’s always possible!

If you want to shape the life you really want, get in touch!

Change can be easier than you think.

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Jill Tonks, MNCH(Reg) DIP CHyp, HPD, NLP Master Prac.

Jill Tonks

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