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There were 3 pigeons involved in an experiment.

Pigeon 1 presses the lever and gets a seed.

Pigeon 2 presses the lever and gets a see every three times.

Pigeon 3 gets a seed at random intervals, 4 times, 12 time,s 10 times, 20 times,etc.

The experimenters stop the seeds: pigeon 1 gets bored easily and flies away. Pigeon 2 takes longer to get bored and eventually flies away. Pigeon 3 ( poor thing!) carries on and on pressing the lever and never leaves.

Hoe often do we hang onto old patterns that don’t serve us well anymore and we just keep going and going – does this sound like you?

With Cognitive Hypnotherapy you can change habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviours more easily than you might think.

Change isn’t always easy but it’s always possible.

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks


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