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Isn”t that crazy? I always thought I was in control. Of course I am or am I?

This powerful video shows how our mental and physical health is driven by factors most of us are not aware of; in the unconscious mind. Dr Schubiner explains how the different processes in the mind work together for all of us to some degree to create our health- mental and physical.

More traditional therapies work to uncover or breakthrough some of these habits and patterns. Cognitive Hypnotherapy works more dynamically with the unconscious mind not only ???????????? ???????? to raise awareness of what”s happening but to change our relationship to the past, present and future. The past is history; you can”t change it, but you can change it”s effect on the present and this can create very different  future for you and it”s a lot more easier than you would think to do this.

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful the mind is and when it works against you; it can cause havoc in your life, anxiety, depression, eating problems, stress, phobias, addictions, the list is endless. When you get back in control of the different aspects of the mind, it can open up a very different kind of future; one of possibilities, potential, control and freedom – living the life you want. Now that”s worth achieving isn”t it?

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks