My approach can be very effective for addiction.

The unconscious mind is the source of all habits, good and bad. Remember when you learnt to drive and how difficult it seemed? Now it seems so effortless, you may often find yourself driving on automatic pilot – that is the unconscious at work. It can be the same with other habits: you will find yourself doing it without even thinking about it. We are not born with addictions, they are learnt habits and anything we’ve learned can be unlearned. This is exactly the same for any addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, pornography- they are all learned habits that the unconscious mind  has decided serve a useful purpose to help you cope with life better.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, all habits and dependencies serve a purpose. It takes more than just talking about it to change an established habit or dependency. Believe it or not, the opposite of addiction is not being abstinent, it is connection. When you truly connect with yourself, you’ll know what’s right for you so leaving these learned habits behind gets much easier.

My approach works on several levels:

  1. To identify when the habit started and work on the underlying reasons for it
  2. To find other ways to meet the needs that the habit serves
  3. To work with the unconscious to establish long-lasting change
  4. Manage setbacks positively.

This short video Nuggets illustrates well how an addiction takes control and we are driven to continue doing something that harms us.

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