All of us experience Anxiety, its part of a normal range of emotions that we all have. Anxiety becomes a problem when it persists, when we can’t shake off those negative thoughts and feelings, when those they eat away at us in an uncontrollable way during the day and keep us awake at night. Prolonged and persistent anxiety can lead to Depression. They can both be caused by significant events like childbirth or an unexpected traumatic event or can creep up on you over time through persistent stress.

At their most extreme can anxiety and depression can literally grind you to a halt both mentally and physically. They are often accompanied by insomnia which compounds the negative thoughts and feelings because of the exhaustion sleep deprivation brings.  Hypnotherapy can be surprisingly effective even for long-term sufferers. It can help you to identify the causes of your depression and work with you to build a brighter sense of the future. I can help you take back control of the way you think and feel so you feel more in control of your life rather than a passenger. If you would like to discuss further how I can help, please get in touch.

Depression has been described as a ‘black dog’, this clip explains this useful metaphor.