A cancer diagnosis is a monumental challenge for your body and mind. It is by no means just a physical journey; that’s just the start. Arguably the psychological journey can seem longer and harder as your brain tries and fails to adjust to it’s unexpected clash with your own mortality far sooner than you’d have anticipated.

That’s when Cancer Coaching can really help.

My unique approach combines the best of my extensive professional and personal experience of what makes a difference in people’s lives to achieve profound change. If you want to learn more visit my website Cancer Coach and get in touch.

Here’s a testimonial from a recent client:

‘ I met Jill on a Hope course funded by Macmillan that she led and I felt at ease talking to her about my cancer experience. I’d been having counselling but was getting more and more stuck just talking about the effect cancer had had on me. I knew I wanted to make a positive change, to reclaim my sense of self, and to move on from cancer and she has given me the tools to do this. Jill’s approach is to encourage, nurture and empower you to make a change and I am hugely grateful to her for making a difference to my life’