Insomnia is a curse. It affects one in three people in the UK ( NHS choices). Is it any wonder sleep deprivation is used to torture people? It can be one of the most difficult issues to manage, leaving you feeling exhausted, drained and desperate. We all need sleep. Sleep difficulties may occur either on their own, or as a by-product of other experiences.  With insomnia, it is often the fear of not sleeping that is the principal factor in maintaining the insomnia itself.

My approach can make a remarkable difference to insomnia as you can teach the mind to deal with whatever is causing the need to stay awake in a different way. There are some simple things you can do to break the habit as well as addressing the underlying causes. Change can be quicker than you might think. Can you just imagine what a difference a good night’s sleep would make to your life?

Matthew Walker states in Why We Sleep?– this is one of the most comprehensive books on sleep I’ve read.

‘With…sleep restriction over months or years, an individual will actually acclimate to their impaired performance, lower alertness and reduced energy levels.’ He concludes the best thing you can do for physical AND mental health is get good quality sleep. If you need to help to get better sleep, then get in touch.