“I’ve been coached and mentored by Jill for over 3 years. In my time in this industry, I have had the pleasure to connect with some outstanding practitioners of one to one development of which Jill is most certainly leading. She has a unique style of unearthing the most prevalent of personal and professional challenges using nothing but an artful string of questions which not only drives to  the core of a problem, but offers insight into its broader impact before facilitating active solutions.” Gareth

I’ve made a number of attempts to model Jill’s approach but found it challenging to emulate her innate adaptability which appears to come so easily in our sessions. The technical agility she applies is set against the backdrop of a warm and engaging rapport building style which creates the conditions for an open and productive conversation. The value I have taken from our work together has and remains to be immeasurably substantive in terms of my own development and the work that I have produced for my clients.” Sam

“When I started my treatment with Jill I had an extensive list of problems and issues that needed resolving. I believed I was to blame for causing all of these problems.  The sessions with Jill made me realise that these problems stemmed from numerous external factors …I gradually made changes that removed or rectified all of these influences and emerged a stronger person who had regained their self respect. My life is now changing on many levels. I am a happier person, and this has had a positive impact on my entire family.” Carla

“My past is no longer having a negative impact on my life; I felt like a child that needed constant reassurance, now I’m all grown up. I am a happier, less anxious, content person with a bright future. Thank you.”  Amy

“My sessions had a profound effect on my state of mind, and brought me out of, what I realise now, was quite a depressed state. I have now a far more positive outlook. Many thanks.” Hilary

“The therapy was wonderful. It was an eye opener for a series of related issues throughout my life that enabled me to see how it shaped my life and what I needed to do about it. The “coaching” part was enormously helpful as well, and sped up my realization of how urgent things needed to change.” John

“Thank you for being so in-tune with me during our work together.  You have helped me find confidence that I was not wholly convinced I had!” Rebecca

“I think that I’m mad to have given my resignation in the middle of a credit crunch, but I was very unhappy, and had strong moral issues with my company. Something in me tells me it’s the right decision, and I’m going to be OK. It’s thanks to you that I had the courage to take the next step.” Mandy