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Apart from the fact that the Dr Dispenza looks like the love child of The Osmond’s family (which depending on your age and preferences may or may not put you off), this is a great TED talk. Joe Dispenza explains how the wiring in the brain works and how we can change our response to things with practice. There are some great visuals of how the neurological connections in the brain work.

‘You generate more electrical connections in one day than all the phones on the planet’. This complex three and a half pound blob of jelly between your ears is an amazingly sophisticated bit of kit that can shape your experiences moment to moment. He goes onto to explain how our thoughts and feelings relate to memories in good and bad ways and how the brain doesn’t understand the difference between reality and imagination.

The basis of cognitive hypnotherapy is to retrain the brain to respond differently by shifting our thinking in the present by draining the negative emotion from the any memory that’s been overlaid on the present. Consequently, newer thought patterns and beliefs that are more helpful can rewire themselves quicker than you might think. Joe Dispenza calls this the ‘the science of changing your mind’. You don’t have to hold onto limiting beliefs anymore; you can build and shape new ones chemically and biologically and the more you do this, the more skilled you become and what seemed impossible once becomes very achievable now.

If you think you are ready to make changes in the way you think and feel, get in touch.

Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks