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This video by Ian McGilchrist demonstrates by cartoons how the brain functions. It shows how the right and left hemispheres interact and the potential competition and partnership that can happen between the two parts.

The left hemisphere filters the world we know. He calls it the ‘Berlusconi’ part of the brain because it controls the media; what’s allowed to come to your attention. He describes it as a ‘ Hall of Mirrors’ because it sees more and more of what we know already.

On the other hand the right hemisphere has a breadth and a depth of vision that enables a more holistic and balanced approach that sees the whole picture not just the parts that the left hemisphere sees.

When these two hemispheres work together they are a powerful partnership helping us to shape the reality we want to experience. When they conflict, they discount each other and the world seems a very negative place.

Finally he describes the intuitive, right brain as a creative gift, a master of life and the world. The left hemisphere of reason is a faithful servant. In life, we can allow the servant to rule the master rather than the other way around. When you have a wise master with a faithful servant, that opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy enables you to embrace the best of both. It can make a big difference to the way we think and feel and break out of cycles of behaviour and patterns that aren’t working for you and experience the freedom that comes with this to live the life you want.




Jill Tonks

Jill Tonks